#UrbanWalk : Capri Sun Valley in the Aygalades

From 05/25/2019 to 05/25/2019

RDV Saturday May 25 in Septêmes-les-Vallons for a walk around the Aygalades stream with the SAFI Collective.

A walk to discover the creek, connect collection points, meet people and tell the story of Operation PLASTIC VALLEY.

The Ruisseau des Aygalades or Caravelle (depending on where you live) is a 17 km long coastal river. It originates in the Etoile massif and consists of a series of resurgences channelled into the Malle quarry (between Septèmes-les-Vallons and Bouc Bel Air). Drawing a valley, its watershed includes many tributaries, including small rivers that have sometimes become almost invisible but which participate in its existence and in the water network on which the environment of our neighbourhoods depends. The Ruisseau then flows into Marseille and flows into the Arenc basin within the Grand Port Maritime.

Gradually, thanks to numerous initiatives by local inhabitants and actors, the memory of the Ruisseau has reappeared after years of degradation and collective oblivion.

Today, many of us want to know it better, understand it and take care of it. Because a river, beyond memory, is an important issue for biodiversity, the circulation of species and more generally our relationship with nature, even in cities!

We all, neighbours from near or a little further away, associations, artists, residents or local businesses, now have a role to play in its future...


8:30 am: Departure from St Charles station, meeting at the Cartreize 51 stop. (plan 3 euros)

9am: Meeting at Septièmes-Les-Vallons, at the bus stop 51: Centre.

54 avenue du 8 mai 1945, in front of the Boucherie.

Bring good shoes, water and a picnic.

Register here

Free hiking tour

Operation Plastic Valley is one of the steps in a collective mobilization around the future of Ruisseau des Aygalades/Caravelle.

This tour is proposed by the Bureau des Guides with the SAFI Collective and Raphaël Joffrin.