A "Hackhaton nature" digital solutions for better knowledge and protection

Hack4nature is an event proposed by the Donut Info Lab and its partners to collectively reflect on solutions to stop the erosion of biodiversity. This project is supported by the SOUTH Region within the framework of the call for Open and Smart data projects, for the development of new digital uses and services and the UMS natural heritage.

The aim is to bring together citizens from all walks of life: researchers, scientists, farmers, landscapers, users, developers, coders, graphic designers, datascientists, etc., around challenges aimed at combating the erosion of biodiversity, particularly through the use of new technologies.

Initially conceived as a hackathon on the sidelines of the IUCN World Conservation Congress scheduled for June 2020, and since postponed, it has been transformed to take place over several months in essentially virtual mode. From 1 October 2020, one challenge per month is proposed.

The objective of this "Nature Hackathon" is to take a different approach to the preservation of living things in the digital age, and to maintain or restore the most resilient ecosystems possible. Biological diversity is diminishing at an unprecedented rate: an animal or plant species disappears every 20 minutes, i.e. 26,280 species disappear every year. Nearly a quarter of animal and plant species could disappear by the middle of the century.

New technologies are part of the problem but also part of the solutions if they work from the uses and mobilise a form of collective intelligence.

You are ALL welcome!

Whether you are a land user, geek, ecologist, researcher, designer, graphic designer, naturalist, developer, datascientist, farmer, landscaper, urban planner, coder, student, expert...

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On the programme :

In December 2020 Night bird migration

In 2021 :

- Trees in my city detected by satellite images;

- bio-indication by lichens;

- urban agriculture;

- data for nature...

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