Why a "Nature for City Life" website? To help you discover and share this European project led by the Southern Region with the strong commitment of its 7 partners, aimed at developing nature in cities to adapt to climate change, through 10 concrete actions to meet the following two objectives :

  • To inform, train and raise the awareness of all city stakeholders on the services provided by nature in adapting to climate change ;
  • To enable the deployment of new nature-based solutions.

The project team offers you new articles every week in the following sections :

- Focus on innovative projects or actions implemented within the framework of the project ;

- Networking highlighting French and European projects carried out by our partners committed to the issues of nature in the city and adaptation to climate change ;

- Feedback on flagship operations that enable the greatest number of people to understand these issues ;

- Read elsewhere to share articles on beautiful innovations around the world on the challenges of nature in the city.

But also, an Agenda that gives you an appointment for events such as our webinars and new this year, to discover or rediscover the enlightened and fascinating words of one of the speakers of the Nature for City LIFE MOOC.

Come and listen to Véronique Mure, botanist and landscape gardener, talk about green webs, Thierry Dutoit, research director at the CNRS, about Mediterranean roofs as a place for biodiversity, and Aurore Micant, landscape engineer at Plante et Cité, about the EcoJardin approach.

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