Networking : focus on the Life Metro Adapt project

During the Green Week, the European Commission highlighted the subject of vulnerability, but also the role of European metropolitan cities in establishing a global strategy for adaptation to climate change at local level.

A specific workshop was organised based on the process developed by the metropolitan city of Milan in the framework of the LIFE Metro Adapt project and the metropolitan region of Barcelona.

This workshop was a time for dialogue between European metropolitan cities, municipalities and civil society to define common priorities and stimulate the replication of the model. The Nature for City LIFE project team participated in this workshop to benefit from this feedback and to strengthen exchanges between metropolitan areas.

The Life Metro Adapt project - improving climate change adaptation strategies and measures in the Milan metropolitan area - aims to foster the creation of a well-structured common governance related to climate change adaptation among local authorities in the Milan metropolitan area. It also continues the production of tools for local authorities to implement locally appropriate and cost-effective climate change adaptation strategies. An important part of the project is dedicated to the sharing and dissemination of tools and good practices with other Italian and EU metropolitan areas. The project is implemented by the Metropolitan City of Milan in cooperation with ALDA,, Ambiente Italia S.R.L, CAP Holding S.p.A., e-GEOS and Legambiente Lombardia.

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