Networking: Focus on the other Nature 4 Cities

This almost homonymous project, supported within the framework of the H2020 programme, bringing together partners from all over Europe, including CEREMA, is working on the integration of Nature-based Solutions in urban planning.

It provides a collaborative platform and different tools adapted to different types of actors: local authorities, experts, citizens to integrate these issues into all public policies.

Indeed, the benefits provided by Nature-Based Solutions, which promote the development of living beings, are numerous and these solutions, inspired or supported by nature, meet a strong citizen demand for nature in cities, contribute to climatic comfort, to the attractiveness of a neighbourhood, can provide resources, contribute to the local economy and play a social role.

They can be deployed at different scales, from the city to the building, contribute to a dynamic with the inhabitants and are interconnected.

The project provides a knowledge base on nature-based solutions, promotes the sharing of good practices, offers decision support tools to implement these solutions and new governance models as well as an overall evaluation framework for nature-based solutions.

An important aspect of the Nature4Cities project is to foster efficient and socially accepted solutions that are economically viable. A tool, Citizens Say, is being developed to support project leaders in their relations with citizens, choose a mode of governance and interact with the inhabitants.

Among the tools already available

- GreenPass, which enables the impact of Nature-Based Solutions on the urban environment to be assessed,

- Coloree Tool, which enables urban plots to be analysed with regard to the possibility of implementing nature-based solutions,

- Epesus, which uses big data to support decision making in the circular economy,

- NBenefit$, to assess the ecosystem services of Nature-Based Solutions from a financial and biophysical perspective.

Geocluster4NBS which allows the pre-selection, according to local constraints, of typical Nature-Based Solutions already implemented and to verify that they are adaptable elsewhere.

- A step by step guide (guide étape par étapefor the realisation of inclusive developments that allow for citizen participation. A tool, EQoL scale, to assess the acceptance of the inhabitants towards the projects.

- A guide to the design and implementation of Nature-Based Solutions projects ( guide sur la conception et la mise en œuvre des projets) based on case studies.

- A database of implementation models of these solutions around the world (base de données des modèles de mise en œuvre),from which a dynamic tool is being developed.

- The Nature-Based Solutions database (base de données des Solutions Fondées sur la Nature), in the form of a dynamic rosette, linked to a series of practical information sheets.

This dynamic rosette (rosace dynamique) allows nature-based solutions to be explored in terms of the benefits they bring, and reveals the many interactions:

- Developing the green economy,

- Climate issues,

- Water management and quality,

- Air quality,

- Biodiversity and urban spaces,

- Soil management,

- Resource efficiency,

- Public health and well-being,

- Environmental justice and social cohesion,

- Urban planning and governance,

- Safety of the population.

By clicking on the different solutions, the benefits and co-benefits they bring are shown.

To find out more about the Nature4Cities | nature4cities project : Le projet Nature4Cities | nature4cities