Outdoors or the Nature for City LIFE itinerary booklets of the GR2013 Office.

By linking knowledge to walking, experience to conversation, analysis to gesture, the itineraries proposed by the GR2013 Guides Office within the Nature For City LIFE project attempt to explore different approaches to transmission in order to bring us knowledge while re-sensitising us to what has the power to make our cities and our world habitable. Addressing the multiple subjects and themes of global warming in an urban context (biodiversity, fragmentation of natural environments, trees and rivers, management...), these walks are designed and led by artist-walkers.

The Bureau des guides BGR2013 proposes three issues of "Dehors" to give the floor to these artist-walkers and share a selection of their walking proposals made in the framework of the Nature for City LIFE project. Thus we listen to them tell us about their ways of conceiving these walks, but also to tell us about their more personal journey in this contemporary questioning which concerns us all, collectively and more intimately.

These stories allow us to understand the construction of a metropolitan path, to walk the green fabric or to approach the subject of the search for shade.

These booklets can be found on the nature for city life website under the heading Actions C2/C2.1 Development of a new itinerary "nature in the city and climate".