READ ELSEWHERE: full soil to fight against the desartificialisation of soils

Among the many draft articles of the 'climate and resilience' bill, which follows on from the work of the Citizens' Climate Convention, Article 46 defines the notion of artificialisation of land and enshrines in law an objective of halving the rate of artificialisation over the next ten years compared to the previous decade. This article defines the notion of artificialisation as follows: "Land whose occupation or use permanently affects all or part of its functions is considered to be artificialized. Open land areas are not considered as artificialized. "

This article gives new prominence to open land as a lever for combating artificialization. But the notion of open land is still not officially defined, leaving room for a variable approach in urban planning documents. A note published by the Paris Region Institute sheds light on the problem of the notion of "open land", used in planning documents such as the PLU, for which a definition and a common reference framework are still lacking.

Indeed, the issue of preserving functional soil in the city is essential for maintaining nature in the city.