Review of the webinar " Social Representations of Nature in the City - Act 2 "

On 20 April, a second webinar was devoted to "Social representations of nature in the city 2". This new time of exchange made it possible to present the results of the new surveys carried out at the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021 in the framework of the "Socio-economic monitoring" action by the LPED under the supervision of Carole Barthélémy.

During this session, Laurence Nicolas, an anthropologist from the "Façon de dire" research office which accompanies the LPED, presented the results of the surveys conducted with elected officials from the region to understand how they position themselves in relation to the issues of climate change and nature in the city.

You can find here the video and the presentation made on this occasion.

A new webinar dedicated to the results of the surveys carried out with the participants of the walks organised in the framework of the NFCL project by the Guides Bureau GR2013 will be organised before the summer.