ZOOM on TEMPO, the national network of phenology observatories : survey for the development of bioclimatic services

Tempo  is a national network of observatories dedicated to the phenology of the whole living world (plant and animal species, farmed and wild). It gathers

- 97 partners from 34 organizations,

- 65 research units - 52 INRAE, 7 CNRS, 4 CIRAD, 1 IRSTEA, 1 ENVA ;

- several technical and professional organizations such as ONF, BIVB, CIVC, CRPF, GEVES, ANSES, ARVALIS, IFV, IFPC,

- 6 associations -Tela Botanica, CREA, RNSA...,

- more than 200 participants from several disciplines and environments.

The main scientific question that TEMPO seeks to answer is how climate change impacts the seasonal rhythms of living organisms and what the consequences will be in terms of productivity of systems but also survival, dynamics and distribution of populations.

Tempo is conducting a survey for the development of open bioclimatic services based on phenology.

Phenology is the study of seasonal biological events related to seasonal variations, e.g., tree flowering, leaf color change, fruit emergence...  The objective of these services will be to provide simple or elaborate data allowing the user to know the climatic risks associated with plant species yet to be defined.

If you want to share your needs or ideas, then take part in the online questionnaire that only takes a few minutes :


Two user committees will be held online between January and February 2022, as well as individual interviews to better understand and identify your needs.