The first session of the MOOC Nature for City LIFE will start on 23 April 2019, so register now and spread the word around you!

As part of the Nature for City LIFE project, the South Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region and Aix-Marseille University are setting up an innovative MOOC training course. This is a free online training course for all city stakeholders, from the community technician to the private developer, from the resident to the user.

It will focus on developing and acquiring new skills such as:

- Provide a common knowledge base on urban nature and its challenges and interactions,

- Understand urban strategies for climate change resilience,

- To know the state of the art, the techniques of integration and management of nature, 

- Participate in exchanges and debates on the subject in order to enrich professional practices.

Register now by clicking on the link below and spread the word around you!

Take a look at the MOOC Nature for City LIFE here