Networking: A seminar to act with the landscapes - resources of the Etang de Berre on 28 and 29 January next

The Etang de Berre area is at the heart of profound changes, linked to changes in production, industrial or energy systems, and to global warming, which are already impacting the social, tourist, economic and ecological value of this area, without this transition being accompanied or anticipated in a global manner.

By taking the Etang de Berre as a laboratory site, the Platform for Observation of Urban Projects and Strategies of the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolitan Area (POPSU AMP 4) "the "Great" Landscape as Resource(s)" questions the driving role of action through the landscape in its link to the living to inform a model of development that produces a quality of habitability at the interface of questions of attractiveness, health and ecological quality by relying on the resources of its landscapes.

This seminar, organised by researchers from the POSU AMP and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Paysage Versailles Marseille, is offering a walk on 28 January to encourage a better integration of nature in the urban project in a context of climate change. This market seminar accompanied by the Guides Office of the GR 2013 is part of the Nature For City LIFE project, coordinated by the South Region and in which the Aix Marseille Provence Metropolis and the Guides Office are partners.

This urban walking tour will initiate discussions on the value and enhancement of the Etang de Berre area, based on its inhabited, exploited and fertile soils, to be recycled, restored, etc., as the main lever for action by the landscape, particularly with regard to the health and biodiversity issues of a natural wetland heritage.

Compulsory registration with: | 06 34 68 29 87 within the limit of available places.

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