READ ELSEWHERE : Lichens, scientific treasure and environmental sentinels

In addition to the videos by Claude Rémy of the Arnica Montana association on air quality monitoring by plants and lichens and by Annabelle Austruy of the Institut écocitoyen de Fos sur Mer on biomonitoring that you can follow in the MOOC parcours perfectionnement, here is a link to a popularisation article on the qualities of lichens as markers of air quality but also of climate change

You will learn that there are about 5,000 species of lichens in France and nearly 20,000 in the world, and that beyond being sentinels of the environment, they are first and foremost a fine example of an association between very different organisms: microalgae and fungi.

Enjoy your reading!

Lichens, scientific treasure and environmental sentinels | The blob, the extra media : Les lichens, trésor scientifique et sentinelles de l’environnement | Le blob, l'extra-média