Come and participate in the Fête du ruisseau from May 28 to June 11 !


This almost summery period leads us to rethink the question of the place of water in our cities, the way it crosses and digs its way in the urban frames.

For several years, the Bureau des Guides, partner of the Nature for City LIFE project, has participated in the organization of the "Fête du ruisseau" (stream festival) organized by the Gammares collective, whose mission is to take care of the Caravelle-Aygalades stream.

During 3 weekends, the Gammares collective proposes to the residents to unite around simple actions: collecting waste on the banks, sharing a word and a place, walking together, dancing to celebrate and rediscover together this coastal river!

The Creek Festival then becomes a series of adventures and collective rituals to connect with local and global issues that affect the health of the water cycle and all the living things that accompany it.

Here is the link to discover the program : Découvrir le programme

The Gammares Collective brings together associations and actors active along the creek to promote better sharing of knowledge, connect initiatives and territories of the watershed, propose joint actions and care for the coastal river. It currently brings together the AESE association (Action Environnement Septèmes et Environs), the Jardinot association and the gardening school of the Jardin des Cheminots, the riverside CIQs, the Hôtel du Nord cooperative, the riverside CIQs, the AAA (Association des Amis des Aygalades), the Cap au Nord Entreprendre network, the Association for the Cité des Arts de la Rue, the GR2013 Guides Office, the SAFI Collective and the Cité des Arts de la Rue's neighboring artists