A look back at the workshop on the Mediterranean city of tomorrow in Miramas

The collaborative reflection on the Mediterranean city of tomorrow was held in Miramas on 25 April.

More than fifty people came to take part in the collective reflection on the future of cities in the Mediterranean context on Thursday 25 April in Miramas.
The day was organised as part of the practical workshops for elected representatives and/or technicians of the Nature for City LIFE project. Animated by the SEENSE agency which is accompanying us on this action, it aimed at gathering expertise and skills to exchange on the current and future problems of Mediterranean cities in order to reflect and draw tomorrow's solutions.
How can we respond to the challenges of climate change? How can we develop urban landscapes that put comfort and nature back at the centre of our concerns? How to preserve water resources and soil and subsoil? What opportunities for sustainable development do reuse and the circular economy offer us? How can we calm our cities and regain social links in a context of urban growth? 
Local authority technicians, architects, town planners, developers, ecologists, sociologists and elected representatives reflected together on these issues in World café format after an early morning session devoted to feedback from experts. And the least we can say is that it glowed! 
It is now up to each of us to take up the solutions outlined and the contacts made to build the city of tomorrow in concrete terms!