Networking For Metropolitan Paths from Marseille to Cologne : an online school

Following the creation 10 years ago by the Guide Bureau of the GR2013, the first metropolitan trail in France recognised by the French Hiking Federation, these trails have been developed in France: Paris, Bordeaux, Avignon, in Europe: Milan, London, Istanbul, Cologne, Athens, but also in Tunis and across the Atlantic in Boston.

These metropolitan trails constitute a network of public and private players from the worlds of art, the city factory and tourism. Public spaces of a new kind, they are designed to reconnect us to our living territories, and to invent post-oil cities. They accompany a new popular practice of hiking, which encourages the blossoming of new relationships with the territory, allowing us to (re)discover urban territories and to spread a culture of the field in urban planning and urban ecology.

Initiated by a network of European partners from 5 European cities at the initiative of BG 2013, a partner in the Nature For City LIFE project, the Académie des Sentiers Métropolitains is now presenting its online training tool in the form of a MOOC.

Aimed at individuals and professionals, town planners and artists, and tourism professionals, this MOOC aims to share its know-how and its world with walkers, aspiring guides, curious people and groups who wish to build a trail in their city.

This MOOC is free and open all year round, and is accessible by simply registering. It gives rise to a follow-up certificate.

For more information and to register, please follow the link !