Soon the European forum Nature for City LIFE ...

Since September 2017, the Region has been the lead partner of the European Nature For City LIFE project, which promotes the development of nature in cities to enable better adaptation to climate change in urban areas.

Within the framework of this project, which runs until 31 August 2022, the Region will soon organise a European forum on nature in the city and adaptation to climate change. Initially planned for June 2020 in connection with the IUCN World Congress, it has been rescheduled for this year and will follow on from it.

Indeed, the holding of this forum will enable the Region and its partners, at a time when the IUCN Congress is due to be held in Marseille in September, to share their actions on the issue of adapting the city to climate change through the development of the presence of nature, with a community of experts and stakeholders on an international scale.

This forum, a real highlight of the NCFL project, aims to offer a special time for exchanges on a national and European scale on these issues. This forum will be divided into two parts, a remote day and a face-to-face day at the Hôtel de Région in Marseille, health conditions permitting, and will include international conferences, thematic round tables, exhibitions and field visits.