Webinar "Social representations of nature in the city - act 2": understanding the issues of nature in the city by citizens and elected officials

In the actions implemented within the framework of the Nature For City LIFE project, the Population Environment Development Laboratory (LPED) of Aix-Marseille University carries out the "socio-economic surveys" action.

These aim to measure potential changes in social representations and practices of nature in the city by individuals: citizens, elected officials and technicians concerned by the development projects and actions promoted over the 5 years of the Nature For City LIFE project.

In order to understand the relationships that city dwellers have with nature, so-called qualitative approaches in the social sciences provide major elements that are often less known and used than surveys by questionnaire. The conduct of face-to-face interviews and so-called participant observation are tools used in the framework of the LIFE project to deepen the analysis of the relationship between city dwellers and the city and nature.

In addition to the first webinar organised on 16 November 2020 on this subject, a second one will be organised on 20 April from 1 to 2 pm.

During this session, Laurence Nicolas, anthropologist for the research firm "Façons de dire" will present the progress of the work in two analyses:

  • Firstly, the one carried out within the framework of the walks organised within the framework of the LIFE by the GR2013 Guides office, which allows for the understanding of sensitive factors in the understanding of the territories and their issues;
  • And a second one from the interviews conducted with elected officials to understand how they position themselves in relation to the issues of climate change and nature in the city.

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See you soon for this webinar !