NETWORKING : "Vegetable city, desirable city: when nature takes root

The health crisis and the latest heatwaves have made it all the more important to have access to natural areas, which are a factor of well-being, close to home. In its latest "Regards", the Agam (Urban Planning Agency of the Marseille Agglomeration) asks how to plan and take advantage of "living" material in the city.

Indeed, nature is a key element in the living environment of the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis. Due to the strong interweaving of natural and urban spaces, the metropolitan vegetation network has many aspects that AGAM presents in this opus and reminds us that we should not confuse "Metropolitan Nature" and "Nature in the city".

While 54% of the surface area of the former is covered by natural spaces, marked by a close proximity between the city and nature due to its urban organisation in several poles, only 12% of the plant cover can be described as "in the city", i.e. approximately 23,000 ha, since it is limited to the urban area.

This « Regards » proposes numerous maps and infographics, which can be found on the AGAM website : AGAM [Agence d'urbanisme de l'agglomération marseillaise] métropole .