READ ELSEWHERE : Beneficial effects of urban nature spaces on health - Plantes et Cité -

A study carried out as part of a doctorate in psychology by Bastien VAJOU and with Plantes et Cité, the BePsyLabde psychology research team, the University of Angers and the Horticulture and Seeds Research Institute completes the knowledge on the positive impact of nature in the city on health.

This publication, organised in a series of sheets, summarises the scientific knowledge on the beneficial effects of urban nature on the health of city dwellers, particularly mental health. Its objective is to enable institutions, local authorities and professionals involved in the planning, design and management of urban nature areas to gain an overall understanding of their beneficial effects on the health of city dwellers and to provide arguments and tools for better preserving and enhancing urban nature areas.

The first four sheets present the main beneficial effects on different aspects of mental health: stress and anxiety, depression, attentional restoration and nature deficit.

Two additional sheets then provide a summary of the beneficial effects on physical and social health.

 Innovation_PC_Synthese_Recherches_Nature_et_Sante_avril2021.pdf (