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Cerema has just completed the series of sheets on the challenges of soil desilting and renaturation with three sheets devoted to the evaluation of the services provided by vegetated stormwater management facilities.

The aim of these sheets is to provide information, through feedback, on the various solutions for desoiling and renaturation of urban soils at different project scales, from the street to the city and the neighbourhood. They aim to respond to the challenges of the city of tomorrow in relation to adaptation to climate change but also to the needs expressed for more nature in the city and the development of biodiversity.

Four sheets deal more specifically with the issues of soil dewatering and renaturation:

- Sheet n°01-Soil and vegetation: at the heart of urban development - The renewal of the Victor Hugo district in Bagneux ;

- Sheet n°02-Landscape and desoiling in Marseille: soil in the sustainable urban project for the inherited city;

- Sheet 03-Favouring the infiltration and reuse of rainwater: The redevelopment of rue Garibaldi in Lyon;

- Sheet n°04-Involving citizens in the renaturation of their neighbourhood - Operation "Strasbourg ça pousse".

Soil sealing and soil renaturation | Cerema publications : Désimperméabilisation et renaturation des sols | Publications du Cerema

3 other sheets present more specifically the integrated management of water in the urban environment, and in particular the evaluation of the services rendered by vegetated rainwater management systems.

- Sheet n°1-Method of evaluation of ecosystem services rendered by vegetated stormwater management systems;

- Sheet n°2-Evaluation of ecosystem services provided by different alternative vegetated techniques

- Sheet n°5-Vegetated islands

Integrated water management in urban areas | Cerema publications : Gestion intégrée de l’eau en milieu urbain | Publications du Cerema

All these sheets can be downloaded free of charge from the Cerema website : Cerema