ZOOM : Animated films to alert us to the climate emergency and the loss of biodiversity.

On the occasion of the production of the biodiversity and climate change booklet, which is due to be published this year, GREC-SUD and the Ecole Supérieure de Design Marseille (ÉDSM) have decided to mobilise the students of the ÉSDM (Lycée Diderot) in a reflection on the issues of biodiversity and climate change.

Thus, as part of their curriculum, the students of the DNMADe L2, GRAPHISME, specialising in Editorial Design, Narration and Interactivity (15 students) and of the DSAA1 Graphisme (12 students), have developed various communication media for the general public to raise awareness of the urgency and complexity of the issues surrounding climate change and biodiversity, and in particular, short animated films which can be seen on the GREC SUD website (site du GREC SUD ) and which tackle urgent issues for our planet from a very graphic and often poetic angle.

Illustration : Research by Fanny Rogier & Lise Irrmann for "Biodiversity under pressure"