READ ELSEWHERE : Call for commons Resilience of Territories 2021

ADEME has just launched a call for commons to bring together a community around the theme of territorial resilience.

In the digital age, it is necessary to link resilience actors in order to build common resources together: technological platforms, open data, free software, knowledge, feedback, protocols, and experimental territories. Since resilience has many different definitions depending on the context, science and community in which it is used, the aim here is to observe the broad spectrum of definitions.

The role of the call for commons (AAC) is to bring together all willing actors to produce open resources - the commons - and thus to develop the resilience of territories in a logic of adaptation to climate change by creating and sharing these commons (communs).

ADEME will be able to finance commons from priority challenges (défis) selected for their impact on resilience.

Several of these challenges concern issues of nature in the city and adaptation: heat islands, water management, etc. (ilots de chaleurs, gestion de l’eau, …)

The mobilization of all stakeholders is a key issue to support the ecological, economic and social transition and adaptation to climate change and achieve the commitments made by France by 2050 in terms of carbon neutrality. This call for proposals is in line with France's current objectives concerning territorial resilience, in particular with the "climate and resilience" bill resulting from the work of the Citizens' Climate Convention and the "Living in the France of tomorrow" roadmap for sustainable territories and cities.

This call for proposals is open to all public and private actors. All the information is presented on this page of the wiki : page du wiki.

For more information Call for Commons Territorial Resilience (pdf - 2,10 Mo) : Appel à Communs Résilience des Territoires (pdf - 2,10 Mo)