The appointments of nature in the city, 22 and 23 October 2021

As part of the Metropolitan Trail project, the Toulon Provence Méditerranée Metropolis has set up an educational partnership with the TPM Higher School of Art and Design (ESADTPM), and more particularly with the "Bureau des Paysages en Mouvement" and the "Latitude 43" Research and Creation Workshop.

The objective of this partnership entitled "Whispering Nature in the City" is to design and produce works / sculptures / installations / interactive devices / hospitality refuges.... and to install them along the route of the future Metropolitan Trail, in order to raise awareness among the public and walkers of the services provided by nature in the city, with a view to adapting to climate change.

A creation/transmission system is being set up through a collaborative experience between young graduates and students.

This joint work, this sharing of experiences is part of a co-construction of methodologies and artistic projects with elected officials, territorial actors, inhabitants, etc... These "whispers" will make it possible to implement an awareness, a narrative system, a sensitive and collective appropriation of the city enhanced by nature.

This partnership will begin with an introductory public seminar on 22 and 23 October 2021, which will take place in the large amphitheatre of the Médiathèque départementale Chalucet, as well as at the ESADTPM: lectures, round tables, workshops, (walk), bringing together the partners of the Région SUD project, MTPM, Bureau des Guides, elected officials, inhabitants, associations, actors of the territory, Bureau des Paysages en Mouvements....

Please find attached the programme with the link to register.