Nature in the city and small wildlife

When we talk about nature in the city, we should not forget the small wildlife living alongside us. Indeed, many protected species, whose populations are already in alarming decline, are attached to buildings, and unfortunately forgotten in the plans for renovation, refurbishment or new building projects (swallows, creepers, redstarts, sparrows, chiropterans, lizards...)

This small fauna contributes greatly to our living environment and our health... Moreover, it provides us with great services (free of charge) such as the fight against mosquitoes. (For example, a pair of swifts brings back about 20,000 insects per day to their young). So wildlife and vegetation are inseparable from a balanced ecosystem.

You will find attached the PDF on the "Swifts in the building" approach carried out by the city of Toulon and the LPO PACA for 5 years now, as well as the video made by the Ministry of Ecological Transition on NAT H wooden concrete nesting boxes with examples from the Montéty site in Toulon which shows the importance of this natural heritage and the solutions for conserving and enhancing it.