Focus on the exhibition "Nature in the city and adaptation to climate change"

This exhibition is one of the components of the Itinerancy action of the European project "Nature for City Life". Its purpose is to raise awareness among different types of audiences, both schoolchildren and non-schoolchildren, of the challenges of nature in the city and the solutions that nature can provide in the face of climate change.

This exhibition is accessible to the public on its own or in groups with a facilitator or teacher who will use the accompanying educational kit to propose various activities and the digital tablet designed as a bibliographic resource to go further. It is also accompanied by a series of manuals: a handbook for getting started, a manual presenting its contents and an educational booklet for secondary school teachers.

Each panel provides elements of understanding and reflection on the major issues of climate change and the services that nature can provide in the city. And for each panel, quizzes or manipulations are proposed to offer its visitors another, more playful look, so that we can all appropriate all these complex notions which can sometimes lead to confusion.

Thus, the themes addressed are diverse: the contextualisation of climate change; the effects of climate change on our lives; the ecosystem services provided by nature; the different forms and components of nature in the city; the various ecological frameworks that exist in the city; the innovative initiatives within the three metropolises (AMP, TPM, NCA); the societal issues that we must face, summarising the benefits of nature in the city and the ways in which we can act on our own scale.

4 copies of the exhibition were produced to reinforce the itinerant aspect of the exhibition, allowing each of the 3 metropolises to distribute it on their territory. The "Regional" copy is available to other regional territories.

Produced in Creative Commons, its contents are usable and free of rights.

All copies can therefore be lent free of charge to municipalities, high schools, associations or other structures that wish to take up the challenges of nature in the city in relation to adaptation to climate change and/or participate in the necessary awareness-raising on these challenges.

Find all the information, the modalities and your referents by territory in the attached article.