ZOOM last season of the NFCL urban walks by the Bureau des Guides BGR2013

Last season of the NFCL walks by the walking artists of the Bureau des Guides BRG2013 who take us on an exploration of unexplored and unknown regions of the metropolitan territory on the principle of adventure on the street corner.

These walks propose a narrative approach and based on sensitive exploration is privileged, favoring an active appropriation of the issues and an involvement of the participants through walks.

Within the framework of the Nature For City LIFE project, these walks allow to have another look and understanding of the services rendered by nature as a factor of adaptation to climate change.

For this season, the Bureau des Guides proposes walks that intersect with other actions implemented in the project, including MOOC walks applied or conversations with the collective SAFI and speakers of the MOOC with the environmental lawyer Marie Laure Lambert and Saturday, March 19 - 2:00-5:00 pm, the landscape architect Bertrand Vignal in the Aygalades/Euro Mediterranean flood park on Wednesday, April 20 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and with the geographer Nathalie Blanc in mid-May (date to be determined).

The walks this year continue to accompany the citizen workshops that are planned in the park of the large Bonneveine with a walk proposed by Nicolas Mémain on Saturday, April 2, then on Saturday, April 16 from the Canal to the Jarret (Square Stephan/Northern bypass gate/Crossing of the Canal/Jarret watershed).

You can find all the future programming of the walks on the BG2013 website site du BG2013 and on their https://www.facebook.com/BureaudesGuides.GR2013/events/