Focus on urban ecology ... by walking

Baptiste Lanaspèze, author of Marseille, ville sauvage and founder of Wildproject, proposes in his article "Developing an urban ecology to develop terrestrial cities" published in the magazine Socialter (available in all good bookstores or press houses) to ask the question of the place of nature in the city in a different way. Should we really "put nature back in the city?" "Ensauvager les villes?" when for a long time the city has been a place where nature was not. Baptiste Lanaspèze proposes to think about this question in the light of the experience of the GR 2013, which criss-crosses the territory of the Aix-Marseille metropolis in its folds and flats, and proposes a different account of it.

Find here the reflections of Baptiste Lanaspèze during an interview in the magazine Socialter to put the city back into nature: Baptiste Lanaspèze: Developing an "urban ecology" to shape "earthly cities" ( : Baptiste Lanaspeze : Développer une « écologie urbaine » pour façonner des « villes terrestres » (