Cycle of webinars "More NATURE in our schoolyards"

Find now the replays and materials of the webinar cycle "+ nature in our schoolyards" co-organized by the South Region, the Water Agency, the French Office of Biodiversity, ADEME, CEREMA and ARBE.

Rearranging schoolyards into cool islands is an important issue for the adaptation and resilience of our cities and villages to climate change. Dewatering schoolyards to make room for water and nature is becoming an objective of many municipalities.

Beyond the direct benefits for water resources and biodiversity, these desilting and renaturation actions are also an opportunity to address the issue of the uses of the schoolyard and their distribution within this space. The redefinition of the schoolyard becomes a project where the whole educational community, children, teachers, town hall staff... is thus brought to express itself on its uses, needs and also desires.

This cycle of 4 webinars aimed to help the project managers to answer the questions on how to do it, with whom, with which materials and plants thanks to experts' words and examples.

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You can also find under the link below the collection of short films of the Water Agency "L'eau, y es-tu? Désimperméabilisons nos cours d'école", conceived and produced with the Ouvrez l'œil agency, with a focus on the city of Avignon for the Région Sud: