Focus on an operation Nature in the city: Review 2016-2022 nests and nest boxes Swifts in Toulon with the LPO

Since 2016, the city of Toulon has been committed to the protection and conservation of swift nests during urban renewal works, facade renovations and various building renovations.

As such in 2018, the city of Toulon was a winner of the Capital for Biodiversity Competition "Design and ecological management of nature spaces".

At the end of 2022, the LPO is assessing the actions and presenting the results.

In the document below, you will find a good idea of the success of the operation and of the work accomplished with the building and public works sector in the service of the small "inhabitants" of our cities !

Thus, the balance sheet of "martensque" actions since 2016 in Toulon highlights the following elements:

- 144 nesting sites have been taken into account in the works, bolt holes, ventilation mainly ;


- 412 nesting boxes have been installed of which the majority of nesting boxes have been integrated into the walls.

For more information : 2016-2022 Bilan Nichoirs intégrés et nids de martinets à TOULON – Nature en ville (