OUTSIDE : NEW ISSUES ! The Nature For City Life itineraries booklets

By linking knowledge to walking, experience to conversation, analysis to gesture, the itineraries proposed by the Guide Bureau of GR2013 within the Nature For City Life project attempt to explore different approaches to transmitting knowledge while re-sensitizing us to what has the power to make our cities and our world habitable. Addressing the multiple topics and themes of global warming in an urban context (biodiversity, fragmentation, trees and rivers, management...), these walks are designed and led by artist-walkers.

After a first series of 3 Cahiers Dehors published in 2020, the second series of 3 new opuses proposes to share a reflection on the formats experimented during these itineraries.

Come and discover them here!

DEHORS - N°4 On the evidence of starting from the ground : DEHORS – N°4 De l’évidence de partir du terrain

OUTSIDE - N°5 On the necessity to connect : DEHORS – N°5 De la nécessité de se relier

OUTSIDE - N°6 On the importance of stories : DEHORS – N°6 De l’importance des récits