#Urban walk - The quest for shade in Miramas

What could be better than an afternoon in July to go hiking... in search of shade! A look back at the urban walk of July 7.

On July 7th, Nicolas Mémain, walking artist from the Bureau des Guides, decided to challenge our walkers to ignore the hot sun and discover the Miramas territory on a 12 km market loop. I mean, make the sun... not really. For he was at the heart of this urban stroll, the purpose of which was to study and understand the relationship between the city of Miramas and the heat and summer conditions. In a context of climate change and increasing temperatures and heat waves in the Mediterranean region, it is essential for urban areas to adapt and develop solutions to preserve cool areas. Nature plays an essential role here, especially the trees and the shade they provide. 

Thus, the walkers went in search of shade around the railway subdivision, the Craponne system canals, a little ZAC of Pont-de-Bottine, a little hay of Crau AOC, the pond and canalet of the Parc du Couvent, and the Village des Marques.