Review of the Webinar "Social representations of nature in the city" of Monday 15 November 2021

Many of you attended yesterday's webinar "Social representations of nature in the city Act 3", which presented the conclusions of the survey carried out among the participants of the two systems for promoting nature in the city, implemented within the Nature For City Life project: the MOOC (or online course) and the walks organised by the Bureau des Guides.

For those who were unable to attend or those who wish to see it again, you can find the PowerPoint presented at this occasion in the attachment and the link to the recording of the sequence : Webinaire LPED - YouTube

Once again, our sincere thanks to our speakers Aurélien Allouche (RESSOURCE), Laurence Nicolas (Façons de dire) and Carole Barthélémy (LPED). We look forward to meeting them again in 2022 for a new Act 4 webinar.